It’s difficult to watch Black Fly and imagine Dakota Daulby in anything but the leading role – and yet, had his original audition landed a little differently, that would have been the case. To read the full article click here.

Rising star Dakota Daulby is riveting in this BC-made crime drama, a brutally authentic tale inspired by a true story. Daulby is Jake, a troubled young man who escapes from the care of an abusive uncle and makes his way back to the island home of his older brother Noel (Matthew MacCaull), who lives with his girlfriend Paula (Christie Burke) in the old family farmhouse. Despite the painful memories associated

Daulby, the youngest lead actor nominee in both the short and feature categories, explains why he is grateful to be recognized with the Leo nominations: “It’s definitely an honour to be nominated, and part of a pretty cool group of people. A lot of really reputable actors from Vancouver and Canada so it’s nice to be in the mix with them.” To read the full story click here.

“I couldn’t help but laugh when I learned that Matt and I were nominated together in both categories,” exclaimed Daulby from his Maple Ridge home this morning. “We went through this crazy and exhilarating experience that was “Black Fly,” and then onto “Roar” immediately afterwards. It seems only natural for us to cap it all off and go mano a mano at the Leos!” To read the full article click here.

Maple Ridge’s Dakota Daulby knows all to well you have to take advantage of every opportunity. To read the full article click here

On-screen brothers Dakota Daulby and Matthew MacCaull,  will both go head to head at the Leo Awards 2015 with a pair of nominations each for Best Lead Actor in a feature and short drama.

VANCOUVER, B.C. (May 12, 2015) – Nominations for the 2015 Leo Awards were announced on Monday, May 11th, and among the record number of nominees for this year’s celebration of artistic excellence in B.C. film & television was Vancouver-based actor Dakota Daulby, 20, earning two Best Lead Actor nominations for his roles in the feature film, “Black Fly” and the short film “Roar.” Daulby’s fellow Best Lead Actor nominee, and “Black Fly”

On-screen brothers and “Black Fly” co-stars Matthew MacCaull and Dakota Daulby charmed local blogger at the opening gala of VIFF 2014. To read the fun article click here,

Black Fly starring Dakota Dalby made it;s world premiere at the Vancouver International FIlm Festival and was recieved with overwelming response.  Read the latest review below by VIFF critics.

Dakota Daulby chatted with “CBC Radio” about his experiences at the Vancouver International Film Festival and the work it took to get there. To listen to the segment click here. Daulby’s coverage begins at 1:51:00.